Bull Elk Statue

Example Frame

Corner of 3rd and Washington in front of City Hall, Elk City, Oklahoma

Dedication Ceremony of "Bull Elk"

March 2003

What you see before you today is more than just a piece of sculpture created by our own Jay Hylton. It is much more than that. It is a part of an idea developed and put into motion by leaders of this community who saw a need to create an Elk City "identity". Members of the Chamber of Commerce, the City and other interested individuals met and discussed the need to establish the name "Elk City" in the minds of both residents and visitors as the "City of the Elk". You have seen our new Elk Billboards along I-40. They are a part of this theme. This majestic sculpture is a major part of creating the theme "City of the Elk". You will see other projects following this theme in the future as Elk City continues to develop.

It is only through the forward thinking mindset of these people that such things are happening. That and the generosity of ones like those listed on this plaque are allowing Elk City to move into the 21st Century making us a show place of Western Oklahoma.

This Elk project began about four years ago in the Oklahoma University figurative sculpture studio. It started as a small clay model of an elk done as a class assignment. Jay and his dad looked at it and thought ----WHAT IF? At first it seemed like an impossible dream. The plan would be to try to sell the small version cast in bronze in order to raise enough money to create the large 1 ¼ times life size version. Grant money was also researched and received.

Work began on the large clay model about three years ago. After months of work the 1700 pound 9 ½ foot tall statue, which was cast in Norman at the Crucible Foundry, was completed in November of last year. Under the expert eye of OU’s master figurative sculpture Paul Moore, Jay has fashioned a lasting land mark for Elk City. Architect Tommy Shaw has also designed a beautiful place for it to rest and city crews have worked hard to complete the vision. We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who had a part in this project.

Today we come to present this statue to the future generations of Elk Citians in hopes that it will remind them of our generations dedication to this town, its heritage, and its ideals.

How many times have you been asked the question "Where do you live?" and You say "Elk City" and then they ask "Oh, are there elk in Elk City?" Well now you can reply, "Yes, sir, there certainly is!"