School System


Elk City Public Schools and its accomplishments are a source of pride for the community. The people of Elk City hold a strong belief in the value of education and support a public system that pursues excellence in all aspects. The school’s mission is to develop an educational program that will motivate and allow students to identify and achieve their highest potential whether in academics, sports, music, or the arts.

With a student to teacher ratio of less than 20 to one ensures that each student will receive an individualized education from highly qualified teachers. Of the 173 certified teachers, 57 percent hold maters degrees.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University, a four-year accredited college with an outstanding school of pharmacy, is located just 40 minutes east of Elk City. SWOSU Sayre Campus and the area’s Vo-Tech College-Western Technology Center is just 15 minutes to the west of Elk City.