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Elk City Was Built With Business

Business & Industry In Elk City

Best know for its wealth of natural gas and oil, Elk City continues to be an attractive business and industrial destination. With a capable, diverse workforce and an ideal location, this area is marked for success. Whether a company is large or small, family or share-holder owned doing business is always easy. The Elk City community is a place where people get involved and take action, and as picturesque and charming area of Western Oklahoma, Elk City continues to attract modern-day businesses, as well as shoppers, tourists, college students, naturalists, history buffs and many others.

Elk City’s strategic location halfway between the east and west coast of the United States on a major thoroughfare (I-40) places the community in an enviable position. This is just one of the many factors in why companies continue to select Elk City as the site for distribution/warehouse facilities and other transportation-sensitive operations. More than 40,000-60,000 vehicles per day travel through the Elk City Economic Development corridor along I-40.

In addition, Elk City has several industrial parks, some adjacent to I-40, with easy access an utilities in place. These geographic advantages, along with generous sate and local incentives, have prompted many site locators to pick Elk City as the place to improve their firms’ bottom lines.

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